What is your approach?

My favorite part of photographing couples and weddings is that each couple is so diverse and each wedding is so unique. My job is to capture you and your partner, and you and your wedding exactly how it is with as little amount of posing as possible. If I am photographing you for an anniversary or engagement session, my job is to get you to open up enough so that I don’t have to pose you. All couples are so different, some silly, some soft and tender, some more affectionate than others, some playful… and as soon as you open up to me (as long as you let me) I can photograph and capture you in your element, exactly as you are. Your wedding day though, SO many moments fly by and some sweet moments go unnoticed. My FAVORITE thing is to get those important in-between moments, sweet glances, quick and tender hugs, emotional reactions. THOSE moments make up a wedding day, there is no need for posed wedding photos (unless grandma wants one for her fridge!) My approach? Raw, unposed, REAL.

What is your timeline like on a wedding day?

My timeline is your timeline, I’m there to capture the day as it unfolds although I always show up a little early to scout out the location and get familiar with the area.  If you have any questions or want any advice from me on what I think works best on a wedding day as far as portraits, timing, first looks ect, I would LOVE to chat with you about it. I make sure and work into the schedule time for details, getting ready photos and I always encourage time for photos with just the two of you a couple of times throughout the day. 

What is your turnaround time for galleries?

2-3 weeks for engagement/couple photos, 4-6 weeks for full wedding galleries & 8-12 weeks for full wedding galleries in the thick of wedding season. 

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